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What is the difference between the weights of the Clip In Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are measured two ways; by length and weight. Length is fairly obvious to figure out; that is the measurement from root to tip in inches. This can be anywhere from nineteen inches all the way up to twenty-six inches. Weight can be a little trickier, because we do not necessarily think of our own hair in weights. These pieces are measured by grams, and usually range from ninety to around two-hundred and twenty grams.

Deciding on the weight for your clip in hair extensions depends on how thick your hair is, and the amount of volume you would like to achieve. Ninety gram hair pieces are best suited for individuals with particularly fine hair. They are also great for those looking for a bit of fullness. Higher gram extensions may be more difficult to blend if used on this hair type.If your hair is considered a medium thickness, using around a one-hundred and eighty gram hair extension kit. This will create length as well as luscious thickness. Using a lower gram kit may look noticeably uneven in your hair, and using a higher gram may be more difficult to hide.For extremely thick hair, two-hundred and twenty gram hair piece kits are essential. These are the thickest and will give your hair great dimension.

Comparing the different weights side by side, you will be able to tell the difference in weight and density. Simply put, the higher the grams, the more compact the hair is.

Another thing to consider is the heavier the weight and longer the length, the heavier your extensions will be. It may not seem like it, but two-hundred and twenty grams of hair that is twenty-six inches long is going to weigh a lot and could be too much if this us your first go with clip in hair extensions. 

When purchasing your HairEXT clip in hair extensions keep these guidelines in mind and you will have a beautiful new mane to show off in no time!

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