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What is the best way to wash Clip In Hair Extensions?

It is recommended that hair extensions be washed as little as possible and only once they begin to appear dull or emit an odour. They should be cleaned with shampoo every 4 -5 uses (usually about every 6 weeks), or as hygienically needed. The reason for this is that, unlike your natural hair, hair extensions are no longer able to receive and absorb the natural oils produced by the scalp. Over-washing them with shampoo will cause them to dry out.

Read the steps below to find out the best way to wash your hair extensions.

1. The first thing you need to do is combine a half cup of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of shampoo and mix thoroughly. Choose a shampoo that is specifically designed for treating dry hair, as this will add moisture and nourishment to your hair extensions.

2. Next, fill a stain-resistant bowl or sink with warm water and add the diluted shampoo. Make sure to keep the top weft and clips out of the water (you don’t want the top weft to swell or the clips to become rusty). Make sure the extensions are tangle-free before placing them into the bowl or sink by softly brushing out the ends, the mid-shafts, and finally, from the roots to the ends. Leave them to cleanse in the mixture for up to a maximum of ten minutes. Avoid the urge to swish or swirl the extensions around, since this can cause tangles.

3. Once step 2 is complete and the extensions are clean, remove them from the mixture and rinse under cold, running tap water (cold water helps to locks in moisture).

4. Gently squeeze out any extra water before laying the extensions out flat on a dry towel. Now it is time to apply a quality conditioning treatment, such as an intensive repair treatment. Use a wide-tooth comb to disperse the solution from the ends to the weft, and then fold the hair extensions into the clean towel and leave for one hour to allow the conditioner time to fully penetrate the hair. After one hour, rinse out the product thoroughly.

5. Now apply a leave-in conditioner. Be liberal and use more than you would on your natural hair. Lay the extensions out flat out a fresh towel and fold the towel over, just as you did previously. Leave the extensions overnight to air dry naturally

6. Once dried, the extensions can be brushed or combed through gently, beginning at the ends and making your way upwards. Once they’ve been thoroughly combed, apply a heat-protectant product and straighten each weft one at a time.

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