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Is there a certain quality I should look for when buying Clip In Hair Extensions?

Quality is key when you are shopping for hair extensions. Hair type, clip type, weft quality, and thickness are just a few things to consider when browsing around for extensions.

Human remy hair is the best of the best when it comes to hair pieces, and it shows. With human hair, you are able to heat style and wash it without the worry that it will shed or mat. These pieces should easily last you around a year with regular use. Synthetic hair is not able to be heat treated as it will melt, and must be washed extremely carefully to avoid tangling together. Washing will also eventually remove the coating on synthetic hair, making it more dull over time. Shedding will occur over time with synthetic hair, unlike real human hair pieces.

Though important, the hair type of the extensions is not the only thing to consider when purchasing. Looking at the wefts and clips at the tops of the pieces, ensure that they are sewn in professionally with no stray strands poking out. The clips should be of top quality as well, meaning that they are metal, not plastic. This also ensures they will fit more comfortably, with less pulling at your own hair.

Thickness is also another sign of a higher grade extension. The manufacturer should never state that the hair is coated in any sort of product or silicone. This means eventually after washing, the coating will be removed and the pieces will not look the same as when you first bought them.

Hair extensions are meant to make you look and feel your best, and paying a little more up front is much preferred to throwing money away purchasing poor quality products that end up in a junk drawer, never to be used. With higher quality extensions, you can also expect much better blending with your own hair, and little to no telltale signs that you are even wearing your clip in hair extensions.

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