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How to wash your Clip In Hair Extensions

Washing your hair extensions is an absolute must for keeping them in pristine condition. However, it is recommended that the cleansing is kept to a minimum to ensure the longevity of the hair. When washing, it is imperative to use a gentle shampoo free of sulphates from root to tip of the extension. Baby shampoo works very well for this purpose, such as Johnson and Johnson brand. After rinsing thoroughly, apply a generous coat of deep conditioning treatment, again from the root to the tip of the hair. Do not rub the conditioner into the extension, as this will cause matting.

It is not necessary to wash hair extensions as often as your own hair because they do not build up oil naturally as the follicles on your head do. Over washing can result in dry, unmanageable hair, and of course extensions are to help you look and feel your best. The cleansing schedule for your extensions depends on how often you wear them, and if you are using products such as hairspray or mousse on them.

A good estimate would be every fifteen to twenty uses, but again, the less frequent you wash them, the longer the clip in hair extensions will last. Treat them as you would your own natural hair and you can expect many years of wear from your hair extensions. Here’s to infinite good hair days.

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