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How should I store my Clip In Hair Extensions when I am not using them?

Hair extensions are a safe and easy way to immediately transform your look by adding both volume and length to your natural hair. Not only are they easy to apply and maintain, but when properly stored, they can be enjoyed for a considerable amount of time. 

When the extensions are not being worn, they should be placed in a clean environment for proper storage. An ideal storage space for your hair extensions is one that will keep out dust and discourage tangling, such as a plastic container with a lid or a shoe box. 

For more information on how to best store hair extensions, read through the list of details below, to ensure your extensions remain pristine. 

1. Hair should be dye

Never store wet or damp hair, as this will result in a build-up of mildew, mold, and a rank odor. Instead, place hair extensions in a space that is dry and preferably cool. 

2. Flat containers work best

Extensions will best keep their quality when they are stored in a flat position, free of snares or folding. Lay extensions flat so that they can be stretched out with all of the wefts in alignment. This will keep the hair smooth and free of tangles. 

3. Wash the Extensions

Be sure to clean and de-tangle the extensions before storing them away. A build-up of styling products can result in the extensions becoming damaged, weakened, discolored, tangled, and more if not washed out. 

4. Keep away from sunlight

When choosing a storage place, remember that sunlight bleaches hair. Find a cool, dry space that is not exposed to direct sunlight in order to avoid the extensions from becoming discolored. Ideal spaces could include a closet, drawer, and any other similar areas that provide a shield from the sunlight. 


In addition to caring for your hair extensions the same way you would your own natural hair with regular washing and careful styling, taking the time to correctly store them will certainly add to the longevity of their life. By following the simple advice covered above, you can maximize the lifespan of your extensions and help them to retain their vibrancy, smoothness, and overall quality.

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