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How long will Clip In Hair Extensions last?

Like your own natural hair, human hair extensions are healthiest when they have been cared for. The high quality of your extensions means a longer hair lifetime and regular upkeep means even longer-lasting wear. So exactly how long will your extensions last? The answer depends on frequency of wear, post-wear care, and heat styling.

Once you receive your HairEXT hair extensions and begin wearing them, remember it is normal for hair damage to occur over time. If you use your extensions for formal occasions only or styles where you need extra length, their lifetime will be much longer than average. If you love the extra length and wear them regularly, everyday damage will shorten their lifespan. Environmental factors like sun exposure effect your extensions and the more they are exposed to these, the more they will wear out and need to be replaced.

No matter how frequently you wear your extensions, they will need post-wear care once you take them out. They may be tangled and covered in product, so cleaning them before storing is essential. Like your own hair, extensions can be brushed, washed, and conditioned. Leaving your extensions with knots or covered in product can hasten their damage, so after-care is an important part of hair extension life.

Heat styling tools can damage and dry out hair so regular heat exposure will shorten your extension lifespan.

Treating and caring for your hair extensions as though they are your natural hair is a great way to extend your hair extension’s life. By following these hair extension care steps, you can expect your extensions to last anywhere from 4-6 months or even up to a year or longer! Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how long your extensions will last. Like the saying goes, love your extensions and they will love you back!

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