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How do synthetic and human Hair Extensions differ from each other?

Human Hair Extensions

As its name would suggest, human hair is by far the most natural in the way it feels and looks. It is incredibly soft and it moves with a natural flow, both of which properties are difficult to re-create in synthetic extensions. Because of this, wigs and extensions made of human hair is the best choice.

Human hair extensions can also be styled, giving you more freedom to alter the extensions to your liking. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair can be straightened using a hot iron, heated with a curling iron. If taken care of correctly, human hair extensions can last over a year.

On the other hand, extensions made from human hair must be cared for the same as natural hair. They require regular maintenance, such as daily styling and occasional washing, in order to retain their quality. Once purchased, they will likely need to be styled, cut to your taste. Since extensions cannot receive the oils produced naturally by the scalp, frequent conditioning of the extensions is also essential.

Synthetic Extensions

There are very few advantages to synthetic hair.  It is made with a fibre containing “memory” for maintaining curl, wave, and volume, enabling the hair to bounce back into place without much effort. This permanent curl pattern is convenient, as it holds up against bad weather, drooping, and frizzing which is great but there is no versatility for you to expand on. 

The downside to synthetic hair is that what it offers in convenience, it lacks in variability. Because most synthetic hair pieces cannot be styled like human hair, they offer customers a smaller window of opportunity for customising and altering their look on a daily or frequent basis. 

Also, synthetic hair is less durable than human hair. The typical lifespan of a synthetic piece is about 4-6 months.

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