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Does your Hair need to be a certain length or thickness to wear Hair Extensions?

You may be wondering if your hair is the correct length for clip in hair extensions. A good rule of thumb to note is that your cut should be at least six inches long, though shoulder length is the much preferred starting point. This will ensure that the hair pieces will blend seamlessly into your own hair and safeguard against the tops of the clips becoming visible during any activities. If you currently have layers and would like to keep that style, you can have your hairdresser trim your extensions while wearing them to look even more seamlessly integrated into your own ‘do. Of course, this step is not a necessary requirement, but simply a suggestion.If your hair is very short, you will want to stick with shorter clip in hair extensions around 12 to 16 inches and shoulder length hair can go a bit longer.The key is to remember that you want your look to be natural, and even though taking your cut from pixie to princess sounds absolutely fantastic at the moment, you also want your hair to look seamless.

Going too long or too thick on short, fine hair is a common mistake women make with hair extensions, and one that is easily remedied.

Remember, if you go too long, you can always have the hair pieces cut shorter at the salon. On the other hand, if the grams of extensions you have purchased is too heavy, you can simply forgo clipping every single one of the pieces into your own hair. Simply use the largest piece at the crown of your head, then a few of the smaller clips at the sides of your face to create a style with fabulous fullness, body, and length.

After applying hair extensions to your short hair, you will be able to create styles that were simply not possible before. Even an uncomplicated ponytail or messy up do are made so much easier when having long lengths of hair to work with. Clip on extensions can take your morning routine from absolutely drab to absolutely fab, and have you walking out that door feeling like a modern day Rapunzel.

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