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Can you style the clip in hair extensions and How to do this?

Can you style hair extensions? Absolutely! There are a variety of ways to beautifully style your hair extensions, and with a little practice, easily achieved.

Curling your extensions takes a few tools, including a curling wand, a comb, hairspray, and of course, your extension. The easiest way to achieve this look is to style your extension before clipping them into your own hair. Comb your hair piece to ensure it is tangle free, then place the tip of the extension into the iron’s clamp. Going all the way up to the clip of the piece, wrap the hair around the entire iron, as if you were curling the hair on your head. Wait a few seconds for the extension to heat, then carefully remove it from the clamp. Lay the spiral down on a towel, and give it a light spritz of hairspray while it cools to keep the shape. Curl the remaining extensions, as well as your own hair. Clip them in as you normally would, and gently brush your hair to blend the clip ons with your natural mane. Part your hair to the side, tease a bit, and add a flower for a sweet vintage look!

For a sexy sixties summer look, let the curls fall and loosen up. All you need for this one is a few bobby pins and second day hair. With your hair pieces clipped in, part your hair down the middle, then take an inch section right above each ear and braid them both all the way to the back of your head. Bobby pin the braids in the centre, throw on a flowy peasant top and enjoy your adorable new ‘do.

If up dos are more your style, you’ll just need some hair ties, a teasing comb, a few bobby pins, and, you guessed it, your extensions. This hairstyle works well with second day hair as well, with your hair pieces already clipped into place. Section off the top quarter of your hair and tease it well. Place the rest of your hair in a ponytail, then wrap it into a loose bun. Bobby pin this into place. With the remaining top section, repeat the process, smoothing the sides and top as you do so. The perfect messy bun!

With so many options, it is no wonder why so many women are using these wonderful extensions.

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