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Can I dye or bleach my HairExt clip in hair extensions?

We do not recommend you bleach or dye your clip in hair extensions at all.

The short answer

The short answer to the question, “Can I dye my extensions?” is yes. Our extensions are high quality human hair (never try to colour artificial hair!) and when handled correctly they will respond well to colour. However, like most short answers, there’s more to it than just the bottom line. It is possible to safely dye your hair extensions as long as you adhere to the following rules and guidelines.

Do not lighten the extension

If you want to change the tone or go darker to get the correct match for your hair you can do so yourself with good results. However, we do not recommend you try to lighten the shade! All lighteners contain bleach, and bleaching is a harsh process that can visibly damage the quality of the extensions.

Use a high quality colour

Don’t be tempted to pick up a cheap box of colour at the local pharmacy. Instead, choose a hair colour and peroxide from a professional line with a 10 or 20 volume peroxide. A higher volume peroxide is likely to damage your hair, since extensions are significantly dryer than growing hair. Also, choose a cream-based, semi-permanent colour for best results. 

Consider a professional

Professional stylists have a great deal of experience working with hair extensions. You can feel more confident about the outcome when you entrust your hair to someone with their knowledge and expertise, especially if you’re tempted to lighten the extensions or add highlights. 

Test first

We highly recommend that you test your colour on one small clip-in weft before colouring the entire extension. Doing so will ensure that the colour is going to “take” and that the shade is correct. Otherwise you run the risk of being stuck with a lot of unusable hair and a ruined time and money investment!


The following tips will help you have a successful experience if you choose to dye the extensions yourself:

  • Cover your work space with aluminium foil.
  • Keep the room you’re working in warm.
  • Saturate each strand thoroughly with colour to avoid uneven results.
  • Brush the colour on from top (clip) to bottom (tip) to avoid frizzing or disheveling the strands.
  • Enjoy your colourful new locks!
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