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Are there certain products i should use on my clip and hair extensions?

Whilst there are no specific products we recommend using on your HairEXT clip in hair extensions we do offer the following advice to help keep your HairEXT clip in hair extensions in top condition.

When you go out of your way to purchase exceptionally high-quality human hair extensions in the colour to match your own hair, you want to protect that hair the best way that you can.

Use only high quality products

Remove tangles gently with your fingers. Start at the ends and work your way up in order to avoid possible breakage. If the tangles remain stubborn, spray on conditioner to loosen them.

Those products especially formulated for damaged and dry hair will keep the strands nourished and healthy.

Use only alcohol-free and sulphate-free mild shampoos and conditioners.

Leave-in treatments and conditioners as well as sprays that are heat protectant are also highly beneficial.

Use room temperature cool water to gradually wet the extensions, shampoo in a downward motion, and never scrub, rub, or twist the hair.

Pamper with a deep conditioning treatment after washing.

Use a loop brush or a wide tooth comb on the extensions. A loop brush is specifically designed with bristles that are looped so that they do not pull on the hair. Brush all the way to the scalp and glide smoothly through the hair.

What to do

Heat can be damaging to the hair cuticles, so forget using a blow dryer. Let the extensions air dry on a clean towel. Extensions that are human hair can be curled and straightened, but, again, take care with heat. Use heat-protection products, the lowest setting on your styling tool, and dry or steam rollers on both extensions and your natural hair.

Some styling products can weaken, dry, tangle, discolour, and attract dirt if left on for too long a period of time.

Never comb brush or comb the hair extensions when they are wet

The online hair and beauty store, HairExt, would be happy to answer any of your questions about premium human hair extensions and how to care for them.

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